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Dongguan Yu Qiu Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, and it is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of precision high-speed connectors and Cable harnesses. At present, there are more than 2000 employees in the company, which has developed into a cross-regional cross-industry international production enterprise, with factories and branches in Dongguan, Wenzhou, Hong Kong, China and other places. The main products are headphones / mic sockets, AC/DC sockets, RCA sockets, (multi-position) wire clips, mobile phone connectors, terminal connectors, functional auxiliary switches and power switches and other auxiliary products, which are widely used in a variety of audio-visual products, digital products, communication products, 3C products and household appliances and other fields, and are exported to South Korea, Japan, India, Taiwan, China and other countries and regions. 
In accordance with the ISO/TS16949 quality system requirements strictly, the company adheres to the “quality first, customer first, credit first”business philosophy, has established a relatively perfect modern enterprise system, and has successively obtained the environmental green partner certification of SONY, LG, SANSUNG, Panasonic, etc..
The company adheres to technological innovation and continuous improvement, and constantly improves the management level, striving to make Yu Qiu brand the “WORLD BEST COMPANY”. 





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Chairman's speech

After more than ten years of fighting, we have witnessed Yu Qiu Electronics gradually grows from a start-up to a joint-stock national high-tech enterprise. We have every reason to say that this is the result of all the Yu Qiu people sweating day and night, and of course we are even more grateful for this great era. 
The times is always moving forward at a speed beyond people’s imagination. From the earliest industrial 1.0 mechanical manufacturing era, to the industrial 2.0 electrical automation era, to the current industrial 3.0 information age, and then to the proposal of the concept of industrial 4.0, during this period, all the great enterprises born in the world met the needs of the times. Then what is the direction of the development of Yu Qiu Electronics in the future? We think that only by daring to change, being good at innovation as well as bidding farewell to the extensive enterprise development model, and through business model innovation, internal operation and management innovation, technological R & D innovation and capital operation, can we inject new driving elements into the development of the company. In terms of business model innovation, through the implementation of departmental system and the integration of upstream and downstream supply chains, the best product quality, delivery and service should be ensured while reducing production and operating costs. In the aspect of internal operation and management innovation, the level and efficiency of enterprise operation should be improved through department specialization, product specialization and process specialization, integrating the brand-new 0A information management platform. In terms of technological R & D innovation, through the deepening reform of the functions of the research institute, outstanding results should be achieved in independent core technology research and development and industry-university-research cooperation, which not only meets the increasing product demand of customers, but also leads the development of new products and technologies in the industry. In terms of capital operation, we should seize the opportunity of the great development of the domestic capital market, timely connect the capital market, and promote the great-leap-forward development of enterprise. 
Yu Qiu Electronics is determined to be a domestic first-class and internationally influential modern enterprise engaged in the R & D, production and sales of precision electronic connectors, to become the most competitive intelligent transmission solution company, and a partner who can create value for customers. 
Let all Yu Qiu people join hands to embrace the change of the times and be the strong of the times.

Chairman: Qian Jigao

Chairman's speech

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