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The courage to change, do strong times

After a dozen years fighting the storm, we witnessed Yuqiu by a start-up grew into a joint-stock high-tech enterprise. We have every reason to say that this is all Yuqiu people round the clock sweat, of course we would like to thank the great time.

The times are always going forward with the speed beyond people's imagination. The manufacturing era from the earliest 1 to 2 industrial machinery, industrial electrical automation industry 3 era, to today's information age, then to put forward the concept of industrial 4, great enterprises during this world without corresponding to the needs of the times. So what do we think about the future direction of Yuqiu Electronics? We believe that only the courage to change, good at innovation, bid farewell to the extensive business development model, business model innovation through internal management, innovation, technology innovation and capital operation as the company's development into the new driving elements. In the business model innovation, through the implementation of the division and the upstream and downstream supply chain integration, while reducing production and operating costs, to ensure product quality, delivery and service optimization. In the internal operation and management innovation, through the Department of specialization, product specialization and process specialization, and integration of the new 0A information management platform to enhance the operational level and efficiency of enterprises. In terms of research and innovation, through the deepening of reform of the functions of the outstanding achievements in research and development and production of independent core technology cooperation, to meet customer demand for products is rising at the same time, the development of new products and technology to lead the industry. In terms of capital operation, seize the domestic capital market development opportunities, timely docking of the capital market, boost the development of enterprises.

Yuqiu to become the domestic first-class, internationally influential precision electronic connectors R & D, production and sales of the modern enterprise, intelligent transmission become the most competitive solutions company, to be able to create value for customers partners.

Let all Yuqiu people to join hands to embrace the era of change, do strong times.

Chairman: Qian Jigao