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    • The use of precision connectors is very high, because it is in line with the actual production and the actual needs of life. Precision is reflected in several practical aspects of practice, specificity is a standard precision, because of the special ...Details>>

    • Affected by the global economic environment, the global market in the first half of 2012 on the connector sales decreased by 3-4 percentage points than last year, but overall, due to the economic recession to more than two times before the relatively...Details>>

    • Focus on connector industry people know, one of the world's leading connector xibaishi TE last August announced the acquisition of Xiamen (SIBAS) connectors, Ltd, aims to broaden its harsh environments range of products provide connectivity solut...Details>>

    • Benefit from global connector market especially China's high growth, connector technology giants TE fiscal 2014 and harvest. Recently released earnings data show that company's annual net sales of $13.9 billion, compared with the real and organic gro...Details>>