Enterprise Culture

Company development direction and target positioning

Company development direction and target positioning

Based on the industry, bigger and stronger. Large-scale production, sub-industry first

Corporate Philosophy Culture (MI)

Enterprise vision: create a first-class enterprise, create first-class products, camp first-class team
Enterprise spirit: innovation, rigorous, unity, pragmatic
Business philosophy: quality first, customer first, credit first
Values: customer achievement, proactive, responsible for integrity
Talent view: people-oriented, competence is talent, competition achievements talent

Corporate Philosophy Culture (MI)


Through vertical integration, advanced automated production technology, for customers in data transmission, power supply, audio analysis accessories, to provide the best integrated solution!

Core Values

Integrity: Uphold integrity management, integrity to customers, integrity to third parties, integrity to employees, integrity to shareholders;

Innovation: Continuously promote business innovation, technological innovation and management innovation;

Unity: build a team organization with good execution, cooperate with each other and make common progress;

Win-win: mutual benefit and common development with customers, third parties, employees and shareholders.

Core Values
New employee direction

New employee direction

Regulate self-behavior and develop civilized habits
Identify with corporate culture and integrate into the corporate environment
Active learning, cultivate professionalism
Set up the correct goal, firm service determination

The basic quality of leading cadres

Have professional knowledge and macro common sense
Require self-learning and practice self-responsible mentality
Must know how to cooperate and communicate with others
Have an open mind and a healthy outlook on life
Have the courage to face difficulties, accept setbacks, challenges and failures

the basic quality of leading cadres
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