Revisiting the Revolutionary History and Revisiting the Jinggang Spirit

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Branch Committee of Dongguan Yuqiu Electronics Co., Ltd., Liaobu Town, CPC
Revisiting the Revolutionary History and Revisiting the Jinggang Spirit




The towering Jinggang, the cradle of the Chinese revolution, a single spark, started here to start a prairie fire. Arriving in Jinggangshan on July 6, 14 members of Dongguan Yuqiu Electronic Party Branch had the honor to study in Jinggangshan, the holy land of revolution, and relive the revolutionary history.


In just three days, we listened to the tour guide telling us the historical stories of the revolutionary predecessors, visited the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery, the Red Army Martyrs Tomb, and visited the Jinggangshan Symbol of the Revolutionary Holy Land, the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum, the Jinggangshan Struggle Panorama Painting Hall, Wang Zuo's Former Residence, Octagonal Tower, Longjiang College, Five Sentinels, etc. Through on-site explanation, interactive teaching, situational teaching, experiential teaching and other ways of training and learning, we can more systematically understand the arduous fighting life of the Red Army at that time. I deeply feel the powerful power of the Jinggangshan spirit and the hard-won victory of the revolution. Practice the spirit of Jinggang, strengthen the responsibility and responsibility of the times.
In February 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out during an inspection in Jiangxi: The most precious wealth left to us during the Jinggangshan period is the Jinggangshan spirit that spans time and space. Today, we must combine the conditions of the new era, persist in pursuing ideals, seeking truth from facts, breaking new roads, working hard to overcome difficulties, and relying on the masses for victory, so that the spirit of Jinggangshan radiates a new era. General Secretary Xi's remarks warned the people of the whole country that the spirit of Jinggangshan is still needed in times of peace. At present, the whole party is actively promoting the normalization and institutionalization of "two studies and one doing" learning and education. This is a powerful starting point for insisting on ideological party building, organizational party building, and system governance of the party. It is to maintain the absolute loyalty, absolute purity, and absolute reliability of party members. Effective way. As a party member, one should base oneself on one's own duty, work selflessly, recognize the situation clearly and take responsibility cleanly.
First, in the face of reform, we will not waver and seek development for the construction of enterprises. At present, with the deepening of supply-side reform, manufacturing enterprises are facing great opportunities and challenges. As a leading enterprise in the industry, Yuqiu Electronics is also facing the big test of reform. As for how to reform, there are different opinions throughout the company, but no matter how it is changed, it is bound to be better and better, and we should also clearly see that it is precisely the reform and opening up of more than 30 years that has greatly enhanced China's comprehensive national strength and greatly enhanced the people's living standards. Of course, it will inevitably affect the personal interests of some middle-level cadres. We must practice the Jinggangshan spirit of abandoning our children due to war, be loyal to the party's cause, give up the family, take care of everyone, and actively participate in enterprise reform and development, research and development, scientific innovation, and reform. The system structure and other tasks, the stronger the enterprise, the easier it is to show its own value in the reform examination.
The second is not to flinch in the face of difficulties, and to take on the mission. In the actual work, some thorny problems and contradictions often appear, especially in view of some new situations and new problems, which affect the smooth development of the work. We must actively practice the Jinggangshan spirit of daring to break new roads and be brave to win, dare to face difficulties, dare to take responsibility, clarify policies, clarify the situation, never escape reality, avoid contradictions, and be a loyal, clean, and responsible model.
The third is not to be confused in the face of temptation and to stick to political life. The majority of employees, especially leading cadres, hold some power more or less. In recent years, some cadres have abused their power, which has caused losses and bad effects on enterprises. We must practice the Jinggangshan spirit of firm belief and dedication to the public, dare to say "no", dare to shine the sword, resist temptation, and keep our lofty moral sentiments and excellent qualities, so that General Secretary Xi's "loyalty to the party and service The general requirements of" people, fair law enforcement, and strict discipline "have truly become the motto of enterprises adhering to the spirit of Jinggangshan.
Party members cast the gods of Jinggang, and faith washes the souls of Party members. Let us learn the spirit of Jinggang, inherit the spirit of Jinggang, practice the spirit of Jinggang, and let the spirit of Jinggang become a beacon that will never disappear on our way forward.
Yuqiu Party Branch
6 July 2019


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